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"Design has changed for me 

        home means much more for so many reasons"

Tammy Paterson Ds2 Designs Interior Designer Muskoka Orillia

Design can mean so many things. 

A beautiful home, choosing everything perfectly to reflect you, your family...your world. 

We can do that. 

And when something in your life changes that you had no idea could happen, you want someone who understands and can help you plan.


I do that.


Interior Design

Working with you to make your home exactly the way you imagined



If you are going to renovate, lets think about every single detail for today and tomorrow


Accessible Design

Our lives change and so will our homes, let's make it completely about you

my home controls.png

Home Automation

The opportunity for us to stay in our homes for as long as we choose, is here. 



The center of our home. We can make every kitchen a place for everyone



Helping you make plans for your new home, or a home you want to go home to. 

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